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About El Pablo

El Pablo is an Urban Latin DJ from Antwerp (Belgium). Like no other he makes an ideal mix of the most awesome Urban tracks and the hottest Latin songs around. Genres like Reggaeton, Moombahton, Basshall, Dancehall, Reggae & R&B will be bouncing his speakers. But also genres like Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Merengue, Latin House & Tropical House are on his playlist. This makes Urban Latin DJ El Pablo your ideal partner for Latin parties, Urban parties, Reggaeton parties, Salsa parties, and more.

Enough talking? We agree. Feel free to discover ‘the El Pablo vibe’ yourself, by listening and downloading El Pablo’s mixtapes!

Short bio

Urban Latin DJ El Pablo started his career back in the nineties, as a DJ on wedding parties, birthday parties and club venues. Back then the genres on his playlist were House music (now referred to as Retro House), R&B en Pop music. Somewhere around the year 2000, his mom introduced El Pablo into the world of Salsa, where he took Salsa dancing classes. Along with that, his love for Latin music began to grow and gradually more and more Latin related songs were slipping into his DJ sets.

After a couple of years this transformation was complete. Today Urban Latin DJ El Pablo is known as ‘the master of the Latin scene’, as he weekly is bouncing the speakers on all the big Latin parties in Belgium, Europe and even beyond. So, if you are hosting any kind of Latin party, DJ El Pablo must be the first DJ on your artists list!

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