Your 3-in-1 DJ for a succesful event!

Having a steaming Latin party? El Pablo is your man! Want a hot R&B gig? Consider it done! A House party to dance the night away? Sure thing! Need someone to take the party to the next level in all of the above? He'll make it happen!

Decision made? Book El Pablo now! Still in doubt? Convince your ears!

About El Pablo

El Pablo is a Belgian DJ and his hometown is Antwerp. Defining El Pablo will always sell him short, because he is influenced by many genres of music over the last 33 years! In his long career so far, he has gathered  the experience of playing at different venues, from wedding parties to the biggest clubs. So one thing is sure, El Pablo is the man you need to entertain any kind of audience! 

However, over the years El Pablo has developed his own style of music which he likes to bring to the audience, being a unique combo of Tropical House, Funky House, R&B and Latin tunes. So whether if you want to party on a specific genre of music (for example an R&B venue) or just want a performance where the combination is made between several genres, El Pablo is your ideal partner! 

So don't hesitate! Belgian DJ El Pablo can be booked for all your club venues, festivals, local parties as wel as private parties and corporate events. The only demand is that the gig may be  hot and funky!





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Urban House

Every friday we serve you the best R&B, Hip-Hop, Vocal House and Deep House at Club Volmolen. Played by Urban-Masters DJ Ca-Ro & El Pablo!
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A sweet mix between the finest Old School R&B, Tropical House and nowadays Latin Tunes like Salsa, Reggaeton, Bachata, Merengue & Kizomba. Free entrance!
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